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Polyester Lace Trims Page 1
Polyester Lace Trims Page 2
Polyester Lace Color Card
Polyester Lace Close Outs
Metallic Laces
Special Assemblies
Ribbon Laces
Cotton Laces
Allover (Wide) Laces
Stretch Lace Trims
Eyelet Lace Trims
Battenburg Laces
Venise Lace Trims
Embroidered Sheer Trims


Bridal Tulle
Venise Lace Trims
Venise Lace Shapes Page 1
Venise Lace Shapes Page 2
Venise Lace Shapes Page 3
Venise Lace Shapes Page 4
Venise Lace Close Outs
Metallic Venises
Embroidered Sheer Trims
Embroidered Sheer Shapes Page 1
Embroidered Sheer Shapes Page 2
Pearled and Sequined Trims
Pearled and Sequined Shapes Page 1
Pearled and Sequined Shapes Page 2
Chantilly Bridal Laces
Re-Embroidered Bridal Laces
Other Bridal Laces
Crystal Trim Items
Beaded & Sequined Trims


Single Face Satin Ribbons
Double Face Satin Ribbons
Feather-Edge Ribbons
Grosgrain Ribbons
Printed Polka Dot Ribbons
Reversible Polka Dot Ribbons
Red, White & Blue Ribbons
Metallic Ribbons Page 1
Metallic Ribbons Page 2
Holiday Ribbons
Novelty Ribbons Page 1
Novelty Ribbons Page 2
Novelty Ribbons Page 3
Solid Color Sheer Ribbons
Fancy & Bridal Sheer Ribbons
Velvet Ribbons
Barrettes and Hair Accessories
Ribbon Close Outs Page 1
Ribbon Close Outs Page 2
Ribbon Close Outs Page 3


Cotton Trims
Rayon & Polyester Trims
Metallic Trims
Woven Braids Page 1
Woven Braids Page 2
Woven Braids Page 3
Woven Braids Page 4
Woven Braids Page 5
Trim Close Outs Page 1
Trim Close Outs Page 2


Embroidered Flower & Star Appliques
Embroidered Applique Close Outs
Barrettes and Hair Clips
Cotton Crochet Doilys
Cotton Battenburg Doilys
Cotton Doily Close Outs
Craft & Apparel Pearls
Polyester Satin Flowers
Satin Flower Close Outs
Wire Edged Ribbons
Color Cards


Cordings & Fringes
Tassel Fringes
Beaded Fringes Page 1
Beaded Fringes Page 2

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